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Yasuhisa Asano - Toyama Prefectural University (Japan)
Scientific interests: Biocatalysis by engineered enzymes   
Dana W. Aswad - University of California, Irvine, CA (USA)
Scientific interests: Succinimide formation in proteins: roles in aging, neurological disease, and gene regulation   



Darrick T. Balu - Harvard Medical School,  McLean Hospital,  Belmont, MA (USA)
Scientific interests: D-serine and neurotransmission
Jackie de Belleroche - Neurogenetics Group, Division of Brain Sciences, London (UK)
Scientific interests: D-serine and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis   

Elena Bossi - University of Insubria, Varese (Italy)
Scientific interests:   D-amino acid transport
Stefano Bruno - University of Parma (Italy)
Scientific interests: Modulation of D-aspartate oxidase
Philip Burnett W - Department of Psychiatry- University of Oxford (UK)
Francesco Errico - UniversitÓ degli studi di Napoli (Italy)
Scientific interests: D-aspartate metabolism and schizophrenia
Noriko Fujii - Research Reactor Institute, Kyoto University Osaka (Japan)
Kiyoshi Fukui - Tokushima University (Japan)
Scientific interests: Structure and function relationships in human DAAO  
Elena Barbaro - Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (Italy)
Kenji Hamase - Kyushu University, Fukuoka (Japan)
Scientific interests: Analysis of acidic D-amino acids in DDO-KO mice   
Masumi Katane - Kitasato University (Japan)
Scientific interests:  Structure and function relationships in human DDO   
Reiko Koga - Kyushu University, Fukuoka (Japan)
Scientific interests: Analytical techniques for the determiantion of D,L-amino acids
Meir Lahav - Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel)
Scientific interests:  Material/surface sciences
Lingjun Li - University of Wisconsin, Madison (USA) 
Scientific interests:   Characterization of D-amino acids containing peptides 
Janine Mauzeroll - McGill University (Canada) 
Scientific interests:   Enzymatic biosensors 
Uwe J. Meierhenrich - UniversitÚ Nice Sophia Antipolis (France) 
Scientific interests:   Analytical biochemistry, origin of life's molecular asymmmetry, Exobiology
Gianluca MollaUniversity of Insubria, Varese (Italy) 
Scientific interests:   Enzyme evolution, biocatalysis
Jean-Pierre MothetCentre de Recherche en Neurobiologie et Neurophysiologie de Marseille, Marseille (France) 
Scientific interests:   D-serine and other D-amino acid roles in the normal and pathological nervous system
Xiaoyang QuChangchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of
Sciences (China)

Scientific interests:    Nanomaterials, biofilms
Silvia Sacchi - University of Insubria, Varese (Italy)
Scientific interests: Modulation of hDAAO functionality by pLG72
Hiroaki Sakaue - International University of Health and Welfare,Ohtawara, Tochigi (Japan) 
Scientific interests:   A single aspartyl isomer at a specific site induces a change in protein function   
Yasuaki Saitoh - Kitasato University (Japan)
Scientific interests:  Function of DDO in C. elegance
Jonathan Sweedler - University of Illinois – Urbana (USA)
Scientific interests: D-amino acid containing peptides
Shouji Takahashi - Nagaoka University of Technology (Japan)
Scientific interests: Characterization of yeast DDO  
Takumi Takata - School of Pharmacy, Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sci, Hachioji, Tokyo (Japan)
Scientific interests: Loss of crystallin function by isomerization of aspartyl residues
Guo Emil Tsai - Department of Psychiatry, UCLA (USA)
Scientific interests: Translational medicine
Alessandro Usiello - The Second University of Naples (Italy)
Scientific interests: D-aspartate as neurotransmitter
Anna Lisa VagstadInstitute of Microbiology (Switzerland)
Irving W. Wainer - National Institute of Aging, NIH  (USA)
Scientific interests: D-serine transport   

Dieter Willbold - Institut fuer Physikalische Biologie, Heinrich-Heine-Universitaet  (Germany)
Scientific interests: D-amino acid peptides
Enxing Zhou (China)
Scientific interests: D-serine physiology