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UniversitÓ degli Studi dell’Insubria is a public university established on July 14th, 1998 in the cities of Varese and Como (Italy), starting from pre-existing academic institutions (Milano and Pavia). It was named after the Insubres, groups of Celtic origin that settled around the 4th century B.C. in this part of the Lombardy region, to stress on its strong connection with the territory surrounding it.

It is a medium-small University, but highly dynamic, rooted in a highly industrialized context, and offers several educational workshops (computer, biological, biotechnological, chemical, physical, multimedia, language).

UniversitÓ degli Studi dell’Insubria was one of the first Italian universities to experience a model of organization featuring an original bi-polar network system involving the two main centers of Varese and Como under the single logo of Insubria.



Venue location

The meeting will be held in the main hall "Porati-Granero" located inside the DBSV, via Dunant 3, Varese. The location can be reached by bus E (Bus timetable) from the train stations in 15 minutes (1.1€) or by taxi (less than 10€). A free, large car parking is located inside the DBSV area.


Varese (45░49'00"N 8░50'00"E,
about 80,000 inhabitants) is known as "the garden city" and it is located just a stone’s throw from Milano and the Swiss frontier.
Varese is connected to Milan by two train lines and an highway and, to the rest of the world, through Malpensa airport.

A country with 9 lakes surrounded by hills and mountains, where you can visit forts and castles, painted villages, benedictine sites, art museums, do many activities and sports as well as suntan or appreciate food and wine specialities.

A city with beautiful liberty style villas, whose gardens are open to public.

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